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Vortexual Dreams Production understands the needs of today's struggling music artists.  As a result, we provide an affordable solution for the development of music videos through our sister website Evilution Media.  All styles of music welcome.  In most cases, Music Videos can be created for digital delivery (YouTube, Vimeo, Social Media websites, etc. or DVD purposes) without breaking the bank to represent your band's best talent.
Since the exact type of videos being sought by each band or musician vary, we encourage you to contact us directly so we can discuss your exact needs or fill out our inquiry form to obtain an estimated quote or talk about your specific needs.

We can also include your music video production through one of other other websites like Metal Horns TV website or other websites we manage to help boost your ability to be viewed.  In some cases, we can even assist you in advertising your band's CD and selling it online for you through our RMR Distribution website, Chaotic Riffs Magazine or The Band Lands Management Group.  Please contact an associate for more details.

Please Note:  Each music video varies in price, based on the specific layout and production requirements and therefore it is imperative to contact us to obtain an affordable production.

To learn more about creating your own music video please contact us us by phone or by completing our online inquiry form.

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