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Vortexual Dreams Production is dedicated to providing nationwide quality products at affordable prices.  Our goal has been and always will be to assist the small business owner or musician promoting their productions through a series of products; such as logo design, commercials, radio promotion, graphics, print ads, marketing, game design and more.
Satisfaction is our number one goal and therefore we strive to provide the best quality media design services at the best price.  We doubt you will find a company who will give the quality that we will for the affordable price we charge for our services.  Many companies and individuals say they can deliver a product and when it is too late the consumer or business discovers that the quality is substandard after spending too much time and money for the services rendered.

Here at Vortexual Dreams Production, you will find that we stand behind our video production services and do not promise something we can not deliver.  Please be assured that our President and CEO is active in the process of design services and therefore if you have an issue it will be resolved.

Our motto is "Where Dreams Become A Reality" and we mean it. If it can be envisioned then we can make it happen.

We also have several subsidiaries related to product development.  One such business is Ebolster Games where we can develop video games to help promote your business/band.  If you are a band, Chaotic Riffs Magazine provides audio interviews, some of which are nationally aired bands on the radio with bands such as Tom Keifer, Geoff Tate, Lizzy Borden, Kingdom Come, Arise From Chaos and many more.  Additionally, we have Evilution Media that focuses on the creation of music videos to meet the needs of a variety of bands.

Other News:

We are in the process of creating a new line of comic books based on the short story series "The Shadow Vision Journals" that emulate story telling like the masters Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling and many others as an animated series.  To find out more about this project visit  www.theshadowvisionjournals.com.  We also are developing a new video presentation method we have coined " Ani-kino".
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